Monday, July 21, 2008

Speak Up

A blog that has significantly more traffic than mine recently did an interview with Scott Radinsky (Ten Foot Pole, Pulley). Radinsky talks to Huggin Harold Reynolds about music, coaching, and his skate park venture. Here's a little to wet your whistle:
How do you juggle running the park, singing in the band and coaching?

I am surrounded by some pretty good people. I could not run a business if there wasn’t someone I could trust. So I am lucky to have that. The band has been going now for over 20 years in this same format, so I think it’s safe to say it runs itself. We have all learned how to make it work this way and get the most out of it. Coaching, well for me its the same as when I was playing as far as the time it takes away during a year. So it has been easy for all of us.

Meanwhile, this interview/confrontation recently came to my attention. I already thought Billy Beane was the most interesting GM in baseball. Do yourself a favor and read Moneyball if you haven't already. It will most likely change how you see the game and you will realize why so many people hate Joe Morgan .
Anyway, Billy Beane is an unabashed rock fan so this interview with Johnny Ramone is a gushing fanboy mess. I think the interview took place in 2002, which would be about 2 years before Johnny's death. It was presented by something called Chin Music magazine. It looks like this 'zine had a similar mission to Punk on Deck. So if you have some time to kill while refreshing the Punknews boards, check out the Chin Music archives. A wee bit of ultra-interview:

BB: Well, when I gave Hatteberg "The Filth & the Fury," I explained to him the differences between the New York scene and the English scene. He actually went home and watched it and he was just blown away. He couldn't believe how great it was!
JR: Oh, he was liking it then?
BB: Oh, he loved it!
So if you see Billy Beane out and about in Oakland, challenge him to some Guitar Hero or something.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pick a Side

Quick post. You have to pick one: Phillies or Mets. I like this rivalry. It's nowhere near Yanks/Red Sox or Cards/Cubs, but it's better than Giants/Dodgers. I'll help you with your decision. Here is a 2007 picture of the Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino.

Granted it's a Chuck Liddell style mohawk but kind of cool. Here's the Mets' leadoff man Jose Reyes:

Defend this, Mets fans. I'm sorry to kick you while you're down, but c'mon.

Photos courtesy of Bugs & Cranks and Newsday (via: Sportingnews)