Sunday, August 17, 2008

Do As I Say Anything, Not As I Do Nothing

Recently, Max Bemis, leader of hipster group Say Anything, announced to his fans that he would write songs. Not settled for this great achievement, Bemis promised he would let fans have input on the songs he wrote for a low, low price of $150 a pop. When this scheme opportunity was announced on Punknews, the usual comments followed: some humorous, some supportive, some ad hominem, and some legitimate criticism.
Rather than allow the rather innocuous new item and the comments pass, as most artists do, Mr. Bemis chose to issue a "clarifying" statement to punk site In this statement, Bemis stated that the Punknews commenters were "strange, slow, old people" and that they should "keep listening exclusively to hot water music and shut up." See what he did there? He took the if-you're-not-my-friend-you're-my-enemy approach. That always works. But whatever your thoughts on this songwriter-for-hire program that he has set up, keep the following information in mind.
Say Anything's debut album is titled Baseball (now it comes full circle). It was released in 2001 and there may be as few as 200 copies of this album ever printed. Even the most committed Say Anything fans may have never heard the band play a song off this album live. Why not? Bemis refuses to play those songs and even refuses to reprint the album. So Bemis has an album full of original songs that he could play and his most loyal fans would love; however, he chooses to have his fans contribute inspiration for a price. With all this revealed about the frontman, I'm not sure how anyone can support a person who won't play Baseball.

Image via Colin Smith at distorted perspective. Check out his stuff. It's great

Bemis let's us know where the hurt is and Dr. Ragan provides the remedy.


John Barrett said...

This is win.

Matt Ramone said...

I think the obvious comment is that Max Bemis is a fag.

Christi said...

hahaha i was totally unaware max was charging 150 for the song thing!
lame! he better lay off the HWM cracks though. as good as max's music is, he'll never be as good as Chuck or Chris.

LatetotheParty said...

About the whole "baseball" issue. He hates those songs because of their simplicity and the lack of maturity in them. He's spent years trying to become a better musician. I do feel that he shouldn't be surprised that big fans pirate those songs.

lauren said...

I love Max Bemis. For everyone who bashed his new idea, he's not paying people to do his job at all. He is not putting all of these songs on an album to sell back to his fans, he is doing it for each individual fan. Max Bemis is not a fag, he's married to Sherri Dupree. I'm quite sick of this.

Anonymous said...

Ok first of all some of you people are ignorant asses. Part of the reason Max Bemis chooses to not play anything baseball or pre baseball is for the fact that he wrote them at a young age and he feels that they were immature. He says however that in the future he sees himself preforming them again. So call him a fag. Listen to the popular mainstream alternative that claims to be an insta hit, and bask in the common wealth. Essentially you people have made fools of yourself by thinking that Max Bemis should not charge for a song service. Really? You expect him to hand out songs. FOR FREE. It truly shows the ignorance that you have. Should Artists not charge money for shows? Because they are somehow taking advantage of their fans? This is idiotic. So I say John Barrett, Fuck you. Matt Ramone, Fuck you. And Christi, Fuck you. The lyricism in which Max writes with is beyond capable comparison and a fan would gladly pay 150 dollars to recieve a CUSTOM SONG TAILORED ONLY TO THEM. I believe all of you are strange. Old. And Slow.