Monday, June 29, 2009

Q&A with Roger Clemens

In May, Roger Clemens started talking again about his alleged innocence in taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. One of the ploys he tried is taking questions from readers of The Houstonist. The blog took the questions and performed an e-mail interview with The Rocket. I submitted a question, but I wasn't sure it would actually get sent to him. To my surprise, it was.
You have stated that you never took HGH. However, your wife has admitted she took HGH and that that drug was provided by Brian McNamee. Are you saying that he was an adviser of yours and you let him give your wife a performance enhancing drug that you have never taken? (from: Brian Kist)

First, I did not "let" Brian McNamee inject my wife. As I stated in the congressional deposition, I was not at home when the incident took place. All you have to do is read — just go to the congressional website and spend some time reading.

I should have ended my question with "I want the TRUTH!" Of course, it takes more than one shot of HGH to get the desired results, so his answer was just thin enough to keep him out of jail for now. To be fair, though, I am impressed that he took questions from people (most of whom had fake names), without (supposedly) lawyers answering for him. Anyway, I got to ask a guy with over 4,600 strikeouts if he is a cheater, so that's another feather in my cap.

Awesome frumpy Clemens baseball card image courtesy of Wax Heaven.

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