Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ryan Roberts Sports Ink

So as I recently sought out a temporary substitute for Evan Longoria, who pulled a hammy, on my fantasy team, I picked up the Diamondback's Ryan Roberts. I had never heard of him, but he has been hot lately and he'll get more playing time because of an injury to Chad Tracy. After I added him, I noticed on his profile pic, he has a neck tat. Since I don't really have a way to find out punk fans in MLB, I have to use context clues. A neck tat is a good clue. So I researched. Wikipedia says Roberts has over 30 tattoos. There aren't too many other clues out there so here's a couple pics of his ink. If anyone watches D-Back games regularly, listen for his at-bat song. Maybe he plays some Clash or something.
Tangentially related, the bassist for the band The Briggs is named Ryan Roberts as well. Let's be clear, they aren't the same guy, but it's one way to get some music in this post.

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Photos from Matthew Stockman/Getty and Elaine Thompson/AP.


Drew - LtB said...

Former Blue Jay Ryan Roberts.

Vin GD Scully made mention of his tattoos last night, claiming one reads "Only the Strong Survive." Then Jonathon Broxton struck him out on a 99 mph fastball. The strong were happy with their choice.

bk said...

Yeah, that's at least the second time Scully mentioned Roberts' ink. Previously, he used the opportunity to criticize the Denver Nuggets.

"Did you see as many tattooed people outside of the circus with that Denver basketball team? They must not have a drop of ink in Colorado."