Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Cubs v. White Sox" through the Larry Arms Lens

Chicago's finest, The Lawrence Arms, posted some segments they taped for ManiaTV (because they're crazy, wakka wakka) on ye old YouTube. One segment at about 1:25 has them breaking down the conflicted loyalties of the Chicago baseball fan. Check it out because these guys are always good for a laugh.

I'm pretty sure the Chicago sentiment is unique to the area. New York fans don't vacillate between teams. I know Cards and Royals fans don't change loyalties like underwear. It's quite the Second City phenomenon.


crustcake said...

hahaha, funny interview for sure.

when was this? 2007? The cubs are much better now.

I like your blog, because it features two of my favorite things: punk rock and baseball.


bk said...

According to Neal, this was shot in Fall of 2006 "on the Draft/Blackout Pact tour."

AlexCanteen said...

Your blog is pretty damn awesome: punk rock and baseball are two of the greatest things ever...ever.
Lawrence Arms also fit into that category.

His name escapes me, but the lead singer from Pulley/Ten Foot Pole is a pitching coach now with the Indians Triple-A affiliate in Buffalo; and I'm sure there are some other punks out there.

Keep up the work.