Monday, June 16, 2008

File under "Wha . . .?"

So I found this odd. I'm not sure why I think it is so out of place, but it really is cool information. Stephen Malkmus of Pavement and now Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks is a big baseball fan. Not only that, but he plays fantasy baseball and, apparently, softball with what I imagine to be indie-waifs from Portland. This was all revealed to me through an interview at the blog 17 Dots.
Highlights include his thoughts on Brett Myers ("He's a bad redneck."), mohawks (They're dumb, mohawks.") and the indie rock sports community (Read the interview).
The entry's a few months old but it is still useful. You can really tell that he is a big fan.
As far as the music side, my knowledge of 90s college rock is limited. I DO know that a Pavement song leads into Pardon the Interruption (see below). That's all I got. But nevertheless, this was a pleasantly surprising find.

Photo courtesy of Moses Berkson and Matador Records.


AlexCanteen said...

PTI is one of the greatest shows of all time. I went to the same college as Tony!

bk said...

That's cool, man. My fellow alums include Ryan Howard and John Goodman.

Tony said...

whoever writes this blog is a fag. get a fuckin life homo.

bk said...

Thanks, man.