Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's get rockin

In high school, where roles are rigidly defined like the caste system in India or the Hamptons, it is difficult, if not impossible to be both a jock and a punk. If you like you music loud and fast, you can't be on any sports teams. If you play football or baseball, you are being fake. Fortunately, common sense slowly sets in about the age of 20 and these two aspects no longer become mutually exclusive. That's all this blog is about. Let's see how long this one lasts.

One story that I want to feature tonight is about the Double A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Springfield, Cardinals. This story by Kary Boohar had shed some light on a minor league punk, Adam Ottavino:
His season had soured enough, with a bloated ERA and worrisome record chipping away at his confidence, and so Springfield Cardinals right-hander Adam Ottavino figured it was time to get right on Sunday.

And he wasn't kidding.

Earlier this season, his warm-up music was "Jukebox Hero" by Foreigner. On Sunday, he turned to "Mother," the edgy, signature song of 1990s death metal band Danzig.

I am going to give Boohar a pass on calling Danzig "death metal" because that's not the story. The dude went from Foreigner to Danzig. Did he dig the album up from his brothers lp collection/pot stash between games of D&D? It's not too often that you see such a musical transformation, but when it happens, how can you not be proud?

Yeah, I didn't link to "Jukebox Hero." You know what it sounds like.

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