Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pop Punk Band Sets Tour Through Minor League Ballparks

Tooth and Nail act Hawk Nelson have recently announced a "Faith Nights Baseball Tour." This tour will take the Canadian act through minor league parks throughout the US. While I don't support Hawk Nelson's brand of pre-packaged, sugary, Christian pop, I do support the idea of bands touring minor league ballparks. More bands, expecially ones trying to get their name out, should do this. It's a venue that guarantees at least a thousand or more listeners and minor league games are everywhere. There is no shortage of games throughout the country. Personally, I think a ball cap from each park you play would be cool, too. If you are interested in seeing Hawk Nelson, you can check them out at the following games:

6.8.08 Huntsville Stars, Huntsville, AL
6.26.08 Durham Bulls, Durham, NC
7.13.08 Memphis Redbirds, Memphis, TN
7.24.08 Fort Wayne Wizards, Fort Wayne, IN
7.25.08 South Bend Silver Hawks, South Bend, IN
7.26.08 Akron Aeros, Akron, OH
7.27.08 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Appleton, WI
7.28.08 West Michigan White Caps, Comstock Park, MI
7.30.08 Mississippi Braves, Pearl, MS
8.14.08 Frisco Rough Riders, Frisco, TX
8.16.08 Tucson Sidewinders, Tucson, AZ
8.20.08 Fresno Grizzlies, Fresno, CA
8.22.08 High Desert Mavericks, Adelanto, CA
8.27.08 Modesto Nuts, Modesto, CA

I'd like to see a pic of this band in Modesto Nuts gear.

Photo courtesy of the Cleveland Leader.


Matt Ramone said...

I love the Wizards' stadium. There's something so charmingly Midwest about it.

The only problem would be having material that would not be offensive to the average minor league fan.

I'm not saying that it would only ever work for bands like Relient K, but I doubt the dudes with Napalm Death stenciled on their guitar are going to be able to take advantage of this.

bk said...

Touring ballparks doesn't have to be just for Christian bands. Acts with some folk influence and without too many songs with swearing would be perfect for a ballpark show.